Sam Fischer

Sam Fischer

Partner, Meridian Central

Sam Fischer has been raising money for candidates, building coalitions for conservative causes, shaping public policy and electing Republicans to public office for three decades.

He’s earned a reputation for being purpose-driven and professional, combining an expertise in generating on-the-ground grassroots activity with a winning message that’s delivered through his compelling voter contact mail, award-winning radio spots and results-oriented television commercials.

Beginning as a paid telemarketer for the Nebraska Republican Party, Sam loved his work because he was a top performer, saw the success of his efforts but most of all, because he met his fellow telemarketer and future wife Heather there. Having served as the Finance Director for the Nebraska and Pennsylvania Republican Parties and a Governor’s race, field staffer for the Progress for America effort to promote President Bush’s tax cuts in 2001 and field director for the successful Bush for President effort in Nevada in 2004, Sam has a proven record for getting results.

The Republican National Committee hired Sam as a Regional Finance Director and he spent an average of 150 days on the road for four years. Working across the country but concentrating his work in the Midwest, Southwest and West Coast, Sam has helped nearly every Republican State Party in the nation plan their work, execute their plan, raise and spend the money it takes to win elections.

The relationships Sam has forged in Republican circles are cemented by candidates, campaign managers, finance directors and general consultants who know that he’s about getting the details right, eschewing cookie-cutter work, and delivering the money, message, media and grassroots team that gets results and wins elections. As a former faculty member at Republican National Committee Finance schools, Sam urged his students to get involved in the finance side of campaigns where smart planning and hard work will yield immediate success for their
candidates and causes.

Sam’s experience as Finance Director, Campaign Manager, General Consultant, and public relations professional helps bring a lifetime of proven success to every client he works with. Deadlines are hit, phone calls are returned, goals are met and campaigns are successful. Sam is proud to be unique in his approach with clients.

When he isn’t at work, Sam is hanging out in his “man cave” cheering on the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers and Oakland Raiders.