Meridian Pacific Strategies offers guidance and personalized plans for political and public affairs clients. We are proud to provide following services in-house.

While no two campaigns are exactly alike, we draw on decades of political experience to apply best practices to the campaigns we manage.

Every campaign begins with a strategic situational review where we survey the political landscape to help determine the probability of success. We believe in providing clients a clear-eyed assessment before they commit their time and resources to a campaign.

To ensure we are on target for victory we structure regular communication with our clients and provide updates on a variety of metrics.

Winning campaigns are a team effort. While we provide many services in-house, we draw upon professional relationships with industry leaders in the following areas to be successful:

  • Survey and message development
  • Initiative drafting and political law compliance
  • Petition gathering
  • Lobbying
  • Policy research and academic studies

We produce content that is clear, creative and impactful — driving the debate and shaping the narrative of political and public affairs campaigns.

We target the right message to the right audience, and we always strive to reach the maximum amount of people for every dollar spent. We are proud to showcase a broad portfolio of television, radio, digital and direct mail advertising.

Our work has helped to communicate key messages in public affairs campaigns and elect a wide range of candidates at the federal, state and local level.

The goal of an efficient campaign is not to communicate with every voter — just those who are going to vote and are persuadable. That’s why we use the most cutting-edge voter database software the market has to offer.

We begin by creating likely voter turnout scenarios that are updated throughout the campaign. We then perform basic segmentation for targeting voter advertising by using demographic data from the voter file which can also be combined with consumer lifestyle data.

Utilizing survey research, we compile those results into the database and run regression predictive modeling to further segment the voter file and refine our target universes.

By using accurate, up-to-date information on individual voter demographics and trends, we ensure our clients are maximizing their campaign advertising dollars.

We place a high value on the ability of grassroots advocacy to swing tough public affairs and political campaigns. Personal relationships and hard-working volunteers on the ground attending community meetings, canvassing door-to-door, and organizing rallies are often the key to victory.

Our attention to grassroots campaigning sets us apart from many in the industry.

Using our field network of regional partners and local and regional operatives, we offer unparalleled strategic grassroots management. Our experienced professionals will focus on conducting successful grassroots efforts to garner the support our clients need to win.

The importance of a broad coalition cannot be understated. Strong, diverse coalitions provide campaigns legitimacy while appealing to the public.

At Meridian Pacific Strategies, we have a long track record of building coalitions for ballot initiatives, public affairs campaigns, and legislative proposals. Our connections extend across interest groups, including: business, good government, taxpayer, environmental, social justice, agriculture, veterans and civil justice organizations. We have brought together organizations and individuals who do not normally agree to successfully support issues and causes.